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Modular Framework

Write IEPs as often as educationally necessary and accomplish various tasks with available modules:

Children Count®

The Children Count® module extends data capture capabilities of IEPWriter.com to include IDEA, PIMS, SPP indicator reports, and more. Choose from over 30 standard reports or create your own using the built-in custom reporting option.


  • Extended student and staff data capture
  • Customizable user-defined fields
  • IU-level reporting
  • Module-level security
  • PIMS special education data templates export


Created for IU's that do not have a SIS. With this component, it's easy to enter, manage, and report on your IU’s special education data to meet specific requirements of the Pennsylvania Information Management System. Build onto Children Count® with PIMS.


  • Enter and track detailed student demographics, course, and staff information using out-of-the-box templates
  • Easily generate PIMS export files that conform to PDE reporting requirements

Section 504

The Section 504 module allows you to capture and manage your LEA’s Chapter 15, Section 504 student data.


  • Service agreement
  • Evaluation report
  • Annual notice
  • Invitation to 504 meeting
  • Manifest determination
  • Permission to evaluate
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

Progress Monitoring

The Progress Monitoring module creates a more robust reporting process in IEPWriter™.


  • Collect and analyze data to determine student progress toward goal attainment
  • Compare and analyze students’ academic and behavioral process
  • Educational Benefits Review (EBR) for staff
  • Visual data display in graph format for progress report inclusion
  • Increase professional accountability and competence
  • Review teacher effectiveness

LEA Option

The STaR™ module allows service providers to enter and track time spent with students, as well as track other activities performed throughout their day, from any web-enabled device.


  • Access IEP goals and full IEP document
  • View last 30 days of logs
  • Provider screening as required by DHS
  • Capture Evaluation and Special Transportation logs
  • E-signatures for Medical Practitioner Authorization
  • Easy group entry with all students on one screen
  • Billing data export for MA eligible students

IU Option

The STaR™ module captures all time spent by IUs to bill back member districts for those services, from any web-enabled device.


  • Set rates for each type of direct service, by specific provider types
  • Capture and set rates for other time spent with student (setup, report writing, etc.)
  • Maintain time a provider spends during the day, including travel
  • Create customized invoicing documents to share with districts
  • Provider productivity reports
  • Capture all the Early Intervention data needed for Tab 8 of Office of Child Development and Early Learning's (OCDEL) Program Cost report

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