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IEPWriter is a
SIF 2.0 Compliant Application

Progress Monitoring Module

Progress Monitroing screen (partial view)
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 Logo Leader is very excited about our partnership with IU13; we are adding their Progress Monitoring tool to IEPWriter, which will complement and enhance the progress reporting process that already exists in IEPWriter.

Below is a brief list of features and benefits that this partnership brings to IEPWriter:

  • Allows schools to collect and analyze data to determine student progress towards goal attainment.
  • Allows for comparison and analysis of students’ academic and behavioral process.
  • Allows staff to complete an Educational Benefits Review (EBR).
  • Provides the ability to display data in graph format and to have graphs be a part of the progress reports
  • Can increase professional accountability and competence.
  • Can be used to review teacher effectiveness.

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