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If you are interested in a version of IEPWriter in formats other than Pennsylvania, please contact Leader Services.

IEPWriter is a
SIF 2.0 Compliant Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IEP Writer offer the capability of using electronic signatures? If so, what is the pricing?

We can add an electronic signature to the NOREP. The LEA needs to submit an electronic version (acceptable file formats include GIF, TIFF, JPG, and BMP) of the Superintendent's signature to the Help Desk. There is currently no charge for this service.

How can we get the PIMS special education templates?

You will need to subscribe to our Children Count data management and reporting system (Penn Data) module. The PIMS special education snapshot, services and events templates are included with your Children Count subscription. There is also a PIMS reporting module available for Intermediate Units only, at additional cost.

How many schools have our product?

Check our online client list to see the current list of local education agencies that are subscribed to our applications (IEPWriter, Children Count, or both).

Will someone come out to do a presentation on your IEP Writer program and Children Count? Is there a cost?

Our Business Development Account Executive, Lewie Astorino, will do a presentation at no charge. You may call him at (800) 522-8413 or email

Do you charge the school by how many users are using the program?

No, pricing is based on your LEA's gifted and special education count as listed in the latest statistical summary. See our pricing page and put in your student count for the first year price and approximate second year price.

How many years has Leader been involved with IEPWriter?

We have been supplying LEAs with IEPWriter and Children Count software since 1999, though the software didn't start transitioning to the Web versions until 2002.

Can we get training by phone?

Our Help Desk offers GoToMeeting web conferencing to make it more convenient and cost effective for LEAs to receive training. This combines a phone conference with online screen-sharing. Please contact us to arrange a training.

How do I request a literature packet?

You may use the Contact page to request a literature packet with further information on and its modules.

Can we transfer our data from our existing IEP system? What format does it have to be?

Most demographic data can be transferred depending on the system you are using. We will send you templates and a Technical Information and Data-Preloading Guide that includes the data load format. If you need assistance, our Help Desk will walk you through the process.

I want to order the IEP Writer. Could I order it online?

You may use the Contact page and Lewie Astorino, Business Development Account Executive, will contact you to get started.

Could I get a trial demo before I purchase it?

We can supply you with a user name and password so you can navigate a test site. Use the Contact screen to request.

Does the IEP Writer interface with our Student Information System?

IEPWriter is SIF-compliant and can interface with other school systems through a SIF agent. We also supply another SIS interface for non-SIF systems.

What documents can your 504 module generate? How do you charge for it?

Service agreements, evaluation/reevaluation reports, annual notice to parents, invitation to attend 504 meeting, procedural safeguard letter, manifest determination agreement, etc. The cost depends on how many 504 students you have. The minimum price is $300 for up to 30 students.

How does your IEP Writer tie into the School-based ACCESS Program?

When users enter a new MA-eligible student into IEPWriter, they're given the option to automatically add the student to WebSDS/WebPSL. Likewise, when users finalize a student's IEP, they're given the option to automatically transfer the student's health-related service(s) to WebSDS/WebPSL. You may also check student MA eligibility through IEPWriter/Children Count.

Do you offer refresher courses for the IEP writer?

We occasionally offer webinars about important topics which are available free for all IEP writer users and administrators. We'll also do onsite or online refresher courses, but there is a cost associated with those trainings. Please contact the Help Desk for more information.

What are the advantages of having both the IEP Writer and Children Count®?

The Children Count module extends IEPWriter to include data capture and reporting for annual IDEA and PennData needs, creating both reports and export files. Please see our Children Count page for additional details.

What web application security do you use on your site?

In full compliance with all HIPAA/FERPA requirements, we have implemented numerous measures to protect our clients’ information. Our web applications use 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt communication between users' web browsers and Leader’s servers. A user ID/password is required for access to web applications. Our web sites are monitored for availability 24 hours a day by a third-party monitoring firm. Additional physical security measures are used at Leader's corporate data center.

Do you have a SIF Agent?

We have a SIF Agent for IEPWriter available for purchase. Contact us for pricing.

Is there a limit to calls made to the Help Desk? Are we charged for assistance?

You have unlimited calling to our Help Desk, and their assistance is included in your subscription.

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